Mediation and amicable settlement


Responding to the demand of Polish entrepreneurs we focus on business solutions. The main area of activity of EWRA Ltd. is primarily amicable processes, whose aim is not only to pay off liabilities and satisfy financial claims of the Creditor, but also to return to cooperation in a business atmosphere. The range of our activities covers the whole country and through a network of proven partners we collect receivables at every stage also outside Poland.

Our priority is individual approach and to get to know the problem, together with its market environment. We do not focus solely on monetary settlements – with the Creditor’s approval, we also supervise settlements in goods and services, looking for deductions. We constantly cooperate with financial services brokers, thanks to which we help to find financing for contractors in a difficult financial situation.

EWRA Ltd. will also assist you at the stage of business mediation. Clients who have decided to be an active party in resolving disputes are offered a comprehensive and professional mediation procedure, not only in the area of debt collection.

Judical collection and bailiff execution


In the case of amicable settlement failure, we have an experienced team of lawyers who will efficiently guide the Creditor through the process of collecting debts in court and in bailiff enforcement. We also represent our Clients in bankruptcy and criminal proceedings.

Purchase of receivables

Business people sitting together and making notes at workplace

We buy receivables based on economic turnover (B2B sector). We purchase  the debt resulting from VAT invoices, interest notes and other settlements between entrepreneurs. The valuation of receivables is based on the amount of the liability, its overdue, documents held by the creditor, as well as financial and legal situation of the debtor.