EC Easy Collect WIND

A solution for debt collection, a system of comprehensive management of receivables, which was created with the active participation of debt collection practitioners, both from B2C to B2B sector. EWRA offers you the possibility to use the whole of our solutions or use only selected modules of the program.

Selected modules of the Easy Collect EC system

Professional customer relationship management dedicated to sales divisions and management. It supports management at every stage of customer relation, from the beginning of business conversations to handling possible complaints. Combined with a calendar and reports, it enables full control of processes and evaluation of effectiveness.

A pre-loan collection tool based on advanced system solutions, adjusted to the Client’s internal processes. An ideal solution supporting the company’s cash-flow. Thanks to the automation of processes (connection with electronic banking, serial correspondence, generating letters, automatic notifications) it allows to limit the share of the human factor while increasing effectiveness. The module also allows to create a rigid workflow for specific orders or a set of cases.

The most important module of any debt collection company. Apart from the necessary elements related to the professional registration of the course of negotiations, such as registration of activities and their effects, the module is combined with a short and long-term work plan. The Amicable Debt Collection module also includes a number of tools supporting the debt collection process, such as automatic SMS notifications, letter templates (including calls), handling incoming and outgoing correspondence or automatic settlement of payments. The client also receives the possibility to create a rigid workflow.

The module is complemented by system actions allowing for importing data from the Client to the system, without the need to enter it manually. The amicable debt collection module is complemented by comprehensive reporting both in the scope of operators’ activities and effectiveness of actions, as well as analyses intended for the Customer.

A tool to assist in the procedure of cases at the court stage, starting from the stage of preparing a suit. Full integration with the Electronic Proceeding by Reminder of Payment allows for efficient cooperation with the e-Court, and the handling of all the procedures and stages provided for in the Polish procedure allows for the adjustment of the system to a specific case. Apart from comprehensive data and activity management (including the hearing schedule), the module supports the collection and archiving of documents created at the court stage, and integration with the long-term task plan supports effective time management. The module supplemented with reporting becomes a comprehensive tool to manage and control the course of the court stage.

Professional support for cases at the stage of bailiff execution. Similarly to the Judicial Collection module, it contains a set of solutions adapted to Polish law. Apart from support for effective management of activities and documentation, the module allows for precise control of timeliness and full analysis.

An essential tool in every company. Complementing EC Easy Collect software with the functionality of invoicing and accounting analysis allows you to issue accounting documents within one application. Automatic import of the customer base to the invoice recipient database saves time and costs.

A full analytics tool to control, evaluate and increase the efficiency of each of the processes supported by EC Easy Collect. EC Easy Collect has the functionality of reporting each recorded variable and setting any parameters with each other. In accordance with EWRA company standards, this module is adapted to the needs of a specific customer before it is launched.

A module dedicated for supervisors, monitoring the work of the subordinate team both in real time and at specified intervals. Logging records, operator activity, as well as efficiency and number of performed activities, a tool necessary for every manager.

Solutions used in EC Easy Collect software are also applied in internal units of the company, responsible for receivables control. Individual modules of the program are used depending on the size and scope of duties of a given unit.

The solutions used in EC Easy Collect software are also applied in internal units of the company responsible for receivables control.

Individual program modules are applied depending on the size and scope of responsibilities of a given unit.