EC Easy Collect LAW

The knowledge of the industry and the needs of the legal environment in the field of software allowed us to create a comprehensive solution for the Advocates’ and Legal Advisers’ Offices, which is a combination of selected modules of the full version of EC Easy Collect software.

Selected modules of the Easy Collect EC system

It is designed to manage relations with the Law Firm’s Clients, connected with the calendar and work plan. It supports management at every stage of the relationship with the Client, from the beginning of business talks to handling possible complaints.

Dedicated to law firms whose area of activity includes activities of a mediation nature, aimed at an amicable settlement of a dispute.

A tool necessary in every Law Firm, regardless of the type of conducted cases.  Full compatibility with the e-Court (EPU), professional work schedule, signature management and system integration with electronic banking are just some of the module’s functionalities.

It allows for effective management of cases at the bailiff’s execution stage.

Selected functionalities

Detailed reporting of each stage, adjusted to the needs of the Office

Supplementing the software with accounting functions, allowing e.g. invoicing within the application

Workflow created together with the Client for specific orders or the entire portfolio

Handling of incoming and outgoing correspondence

Serial correspondence and letter templates

E-mail and SMS notifications for any stage