“The thing that makes us human beings is the ability to show compassion to others and it is this ability that will allow us to survive in the ever shrinking world” – Dalai Lama XIV.

Since the middle of 2015, all companies that I am associated with support the treatment and rehabilitation of Artur Lewicki, a young and well-educated man who, in March 2014, was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing. Initial diagnoses did not give Artur any chance. Severe multi-organ trauma, including a severe cerebrocranial injury, left little hope for Artur. And yet, with an enormous help from his family and friends, Artur began his fight for recovery. His strong character and will to fight, coupled with a tremendous support from those closest to him, have already yielded positive results.

While founding EWRA Sp. z o.o., I would like to ask you once again for the same thing: to help a person in need. Artur is making huge progress, but his continued rehabilitation is very expensive. Before the accident, Artur worked as a translator. The current effects of his rehabilitation give hope that in the future he will be able to practise his profession again, which will enable him and his family to lead a normal life.

Artur is supported by the Lower Silesian Healthcare Development Foundation (Dolnośląska Fundacja Rozwoju Ochrony Zdrowia). To help with his further treatment and rehabilitation, please donate funds to Artur’s sub-account with the Foundation:

Dolnośląska Fundacja Rozwoju Ochrony Zdrowia
Bank PEKAO S.A. I Oddział Wrocław (1st Branch in Wrocław),
Account number: 45 1240 1994 1111 0000 2495 6839
As reference, please quote: darowizna na cele ochrony zdrowia “DLA LEWEGO” (health care donation ‘FOR LEWY’).