Debt collection

Mediation and Amicable Collection

Responding to the needs of Polish entrepreneurs, we focus on business solutions. The major area of operation of EWRA Sp. z o.o. includes first of all amicable collection processes that are aimed not only at recovering the debt and satisfying the creditor’s financial claims, but also at resuming cooperation in a business-like atmosphere. We operate throughout Poland and, using a network of tested partners, we also recover claims at each and every stage of proceedings abroad.
It is our priority to adopt an individual approach and learn the problem, as well as its market environment. We do not focus solely on cash settlements; with the creditor’s approval, we also supervise settlements in the form of goods or services, and search for setoff opportunities. We work closely with brokers of financial services, which enables us to provide support in finding sources of financing for contractors in a bad financial shape.

EWRA Sp. z o.o. will also assist you in business mediation. For those of our clients who decide to take an active part in dispute resolution we offer a comprehensive and professional mediation procedure, also outside the debt collection field.

Litigation and Enforced Debt Collection

If amicable processes fail, we have an experienced team of lawyers who will efficiently guide creditors through the process of litigation-based collection and enforcement proceedings conducted by court enforcement officers. We also represent our clients in bankruptcy and criminal proceedings.